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The Peace Pole

   at Superior UMC

Peace Poles are the most prominent international symbol and monument to peace, and it's estimated that more than 200,000 Peace Poles have been dedicated, in nearly every country on Earth.  They come in every size, shape and style imaginable, but they all bear the same message, written in several of the many languages of the world: 

"May Peace Prevail On Earth"  


The inspiration for planting a Peace Pole at Superior UMC actually began with our Prayer Bears!  As part of our World Communion Sunday worship on October 6, 2013 - and in recognition of the upcoming International Day of Peace - the bears gathered in prayer around a minature Peace Pole.  At the end of the service, someone asked "Why can't our church have one of those?"


Unsolicited pledges of donations toward the cost immediately began to pour in, and within a few hours the total cost of purchase and installation was covered, and permission was obtained from the trustees to proceed.  We checked with the congregation about the languages they wanted (8 in all), and where the pole should be placed (right by the front entrance).  The 8-foot tall, 4-sided pole was ordered from the Peace Pole Project, and after it arrived it stood in our sanctuary until we carried it by candlelight down the main street of town and mounted it outdoors in a public ceremony on the Longest Night, December 20.  



Because the ground was frozen hard the pole was temporarily mounted above-ground, and was planted in its nearby permanent location after the spring thaw.  It now stands as an eloquent silent witness to all our yearnings for peace in our community, and throughout our world.


The 8 languages on our peace pole are: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese (4 of the 6 official UN languages); Greek and Hebrew (representing the Hebrew and Christian Testaments); German (native to many local settlers here), and Salish (the most prevalent Native American language in this area).

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