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Pastor Wade
& Suzi Hampton, 

Who is the Mineral County UM Parish?

Glad you asked!

We're a United Methodist faith community, a spiritual home and base-camp to the members of our two church congregations in Alberton and Superior, and we share our journey with many friends and supporters of various faiths or no faith at all.  We live, work, play, gather, serve, and worship in the "glacier country" of western Montana, along the I-90 corridor on the Lower Clark Fork River.  Our churches and towns are deeply rooted in the "Circuit Rider", railroad, and pioneer stories of those who settled the American West over a century ago, and we honor the courage and determination of those settlers - even as we recognize and work to heal deep wounds inflicted on native peoples by that westward expansion.  We're quite diverse in our theology, preferred worship styles, and political perspectives, and we seek to make sure those differences strengthen rather than divide us.  


We gather here because the welcome and warmth we've received in this faith community shows us God's amazing love in action, and because we can do so much more together than we can alone.  We gather here to remind one another how much God truly loves us, and because out of that love springs a deep gratitude that overflows into compassion and a desire to serve all God's beloved creation... an awareness that leads us to work to share our blessing with others - through local schools and food pantries; through work, worship, and dialogue with other churches and faith traditions of our communities; by providing scheduled respite services at nearby freeway rest stops, and supporting the WeCare Foundation and local and national agencies like               that provide disaster relief; and we reach out through the ministry of our

                    , who go out to anyone who needs them - "bearing" our gathered prayers of love as witnesses to God's love in huggable form.  


Oh, and our family-style worship welcomes everyone of all ages to God's table of abundance.  Everyone.  No membership required.

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