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Anchor 7

{Expanded Section Title/Heading}:

{Optional detailed discussion of the contents of this section}


1) command/select all items from scrollwork above to the anchor to the right and including the picture below (which serves as a placeholder to force the needed room on the destination page)

2) copy the block

3) paste into destination page and move as a block to bottom of page to force page larger.

4) define name for anchor on right with abbrev. section name

5) put abbrev. section title in yellow button, set link to point to this new anchor

6) if there isn't a TOP anchor defined for this page, create one

7) set "[back to top]" button to link to TOP of destination page

8) updated yellow button can be copied and moved to CONTENTS link collection at top of page

9) delete this paragraph of instructions and placeholder image below and replace with new content


This is a button to use for clickable links in text boxes.  Leave a space in the text for the link, copy the button and place in the blank space, define the link text and the link.  It will show in blue-on-clear text normally, with black-on-yellowwash on mouseover.

Anchor 6


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